Imbalance With a Twist.

A middle-aged princess with ADD
Cast her eyes on a knight who would rather be free
Of her scrambled heart and her whacko mind-
And her tendency, always, to fall behind

He dismissed her outlooks as castles in air
She still felt his judgement was less than fair
And the middel-aged princess in days of yore
Loved knew a knight who cared SOME-but she cared for him more

Her heart was constant but her head was a mess
Of conflicting dreams and despair and distress
It made her look stupid, it made her a bore
Coz he cared but a little, she cared – always more

With a soul outta whack and a mind outta line
And drowned in enchantment for this knight so fine
She`d relax at the wrong times, all warm and contented
Then awaken to " real " life, desparing, demented

The knight who-disquised as a middelage hippie
Was grossy averse to the soft and the dippy
The fiery sadness she constally fought
Was far from the coolness and calm that he sought

This guy liked to keep his emotions muted
He did not feast, but dine
He saw to it spirits were always diluted,
And water was served with the wine.

She stepped in to his winters, quite unaware
Clad in gauzy summer dress
Again and again his icy receptions
Had her wrap up her glowing excess. ( Damn him)

A crushed spirit may be like a phoenix
Or not-what the hell do I know
Maybe just an idea of flame, then
That burns so incredibly low.

I shall turn to – and dance here – with Kali
Who always waits by my door
In these realms of hope and of horror
On another and more distant shore

But I still know him who cares a little
And I still care a whole lot more.